Biology Animal Book
For the last part of the year we will be learning about different types of animals and their characteristics and features. You will be given assignments each day to help support the different “chapters “in your book. These are the “chapters” you will be creating:
1. Sponges
2. Cnidarians
3. Nematodes
4. Platyhelminthes
5. Mollusks
6. Annelids
7. Arthropods
8. Echinoderms
9. Fish

You will need to make the following for your book:
· Cover- should be fun and colorful way to introduce your book
· Table of Contents – Should contain a list of chapter and activities with their page numbers. This is ongoing, so be sure to number pages as you add them and keep track of this in your book.
Your book will be graded frequently. Keep an eye on due dates to be sure you have each chapter completed on time.
Be sure to add pictures and sketches to support the information in your book.
Be sure to research your chapters well.

Order for book:
Book cover
Table of contents (w/ page numbers)
Chapter Cover (w/ tab) for Sponges
  • Sponge Characteristics
  • Sponge CP
  • Sponge Video
  • Sponge Mini-report

Chapt. cover for Cnidarians
  • Cnidarian Characterisics
  • Hydra CP
  • Hydra Lab
  • Cnidarian Video
  • Cnidarian Mini-report

Chapt. cover for Nematodes (Roundworms)
  • Roundworm Characteristics
  • Nematode Lab
  • Roundworm Mini-report

Chapt. Cover for Flatworms
  • Flatworm Characteristics
  • Planaria Lab
  • Flatworm Video
  • Flatworm mini-report

Chapt. Cover for Mollusks
  • Mollusk Characteristics
  • Squid Dissection
  • Mollusk Video
  • Mollusk mini-report

Chapt. Cover for Annelids
  • Annelid Characteristics
  • Leech and Earthworm Lab
  • Annelid Video
  • Invasive Earthworm article and 1/2 sheets
  • Annelid mini-report

Chapt. cover for Arthropods
  • Arthropod Characteristics
  • Crayfish dissection
  • Spider observations and sketches
  • Grasshopper diagram
  • Grasshopper Lab
  • Arthropod Video
  • Arthropod Mini-Report

Chapt. cover for Echinoderms
  • Echinoderm Characteristics
  • Starfish external diagram
  • Starfish internal diagram
  • Starfish Dissection
  • Echinoderm Video
  • Echinoderm Mini-report