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Anthrax is a dangerous criminal infecting its victims after an average incubation period of seven days. (1) There are several types of this fugitive roaming across the globe.

Cutaneous Anthrax will commit crimes that cause symptoms such as...(2)

  • may begin as a small bump that will resemble an insect bite
  • after about two days, the bump will change into a blister that is filled with fluid
  • after about seven days, the blister will contain a black center but will still be red and swollen around the edges
  • blisters are usually painless
  • multiple blisters may form

Early Blister (3)
Early Blister (3)

About Day 5 (4)
About Day 5 (4)

About Day 7 (5)
About Day 7 (5)

About Day 10 (6)
About Day 10 (6)

Besides these ruthless blisters, other symptoms might include...(2)

  • swollen lymph nodes
  • fever
  • headaches
  • overall discomfort

Inhalational Anthrax happens to be the most lethal of the attackers although it isn't contagious. Victims only are affected by inhaling spores from the original environment, not from other victims. (2)

Symptoms of Inhalational Anthrax include...(2)

  • a mild fever
  • sore throat
  • muscle aches

After only a few days the symptoms persist and change into the work of a more frightening killer. These new symptoms may include...(2)
  • severe breathing problems
  • shock which can develop very quickly
  • meningitis

Inhalational Anthrax can become a murderer after only 24 to 36 hours once complicated symptoms occur. If the criminal becomes this uncontrollable, survival is unlikely. (2)

Inhalational Anthrax During Attack (7)
Inhalational Anthrax During Attack (7)