Link of bookmarks for helpful info. for Mrs. Cady can me found at:

Online lab dealing with osmosis, diffusion, and water potential:

Virtual Labs for a variety of labs that we do: (Use for Cellular respiration lab. Open in two windows and run the ice bath and room temperature bath at the same time to save time. Be sure to stagger the time so you have time to read the data for both experiments)

Many of you weren't sure about the tides and how they work on the study guide. This site will help you understand

Great tutorial on significant figures

Lakeland College site for transcript information

Video on the Hobbits of Flores

PowerPoint of plant structure review pictures.

Website w/ the recipe for the yogurt we made in the Lactic Acid Fermentation Lab

Sites with printable FREE graph paper:

Cellular Respiration
Glycolysis and Fermentation Quiz

Photosystems diag.
Photosynthesis animations: light reactions

DNA Replication websites to review (material will be on test): (A must DO!!!)

ProteinSynthesis websites to help you review:

Ch 11: Control of Gene Expression
  1. Watch Lecture 4: From Butterflies to Humans; select #10 How did butterflies get their spots? This will take you to 12:05 within the video. Watch until 27:00. Pay particular attention to homeoboxes and homeotic genes:
  2. Watch "Dear 16 Year Old Me"
  3. This is a very sad and heart wrenching blog of a man that is dying of melanoma. (He did eventually pass away from the cancer.) Please watch a few segments. If you watch his update on 7/5/11 update watch through to the very end. You will read some slides and see pictures of the tumors he has as a result.
  4. Take a look at this talk about a new way to look at cancer:

Ch. 12:

Watch as part of the slide on gene therapy: "Beyond the Bubble"
Please watch these links about DNA sequencing as well:
DNA Sequencing

SciShow: "3 Sad Surprises: The Human Genome Project"

Ch. 13
Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

Ch 14