Lauren P.
1st hour
Boils: Furnuncles & Carbuncles

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|| Description: Boils are pinkish, red swollen areas on your skin. The middle of the boil will commonly turn a white or yellow color. This white or yellow center is all the pus thats in the boil reaching the surface; this happens after a while. Boils can form in different spots around your body like: the face, neck, armpit, butt, and thighs. You also can have more than one at a time, but if there too close together they can form together causing a giant boil and soar spot. || (2)

The Cause
The Effect
Boils are caused by bacteria on the surface of the skin. The Bacteria
then enters through the skin and into
the deeper tissues. This bacteria then forms an infection in an oil
gland or hair follicle. (2)

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 A pinkish, red swollen area on the skin is formed. After a while it will start to feel like it is full of water. As that happens pain begins to worsen as it fills up with dead tissues and pus. The normal size is about a pea but they can get as big as a golf ball! Sometimes the middle of the boil turns a white or yellow color. Some symptoms are Fatigue, Fever, Sick feeling, Itching, and Redness of the skin. Boils are most commonly found on the face, neck, armpit, butt, and thighs. (2)
Boils are transferable when the pus from inside the boil spreads other places either on your skin or on someone elses. This happens because the bacteria that causes boils are inside the pus of the boil. (1)

Interesting Facts: Sometimes boils that have formed close together end up being conjoined forming a really large boil. (2)
The boils generally last up to two weeks but in some cases it can last way longer. (2)

Treatment: Boils can heal on their own after a short or long period of time. But their are faster ways to heal cure them like: having warm moist compressions on the boil causing it to drain faster, also you can cut it open and drain it but thats not recomended because it may cause it to spread. (2)
Prevention: wash your skin with soap and water everyday. And washing wash cloths and towels frequently. (2)

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